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Tone EMS

Electronically Sculpted Muscles.

Tone is a non-invasive, hands-free treatment to improve the definition of your natural physique without the downtime or scars associated with invasive surgery Easily tone your abdomen, hips, and buttocks. Tone is designed to increase muscle strength and enhance the shape and tone of your body.

Tone uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to induce involuntary muscle contractions. It is a quick and easy alternative to surgical procedures for achieving sculpted muscles.

Tone Benefits:

  • No recovery or downtime
  • Builds muscle
  • Burns fat
  • Tens of thousands of muscle contractions in 30 minutes
  • Hands-free, you relax while tone does the work
  • Can be paused and adjusted as needed
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, come into our clinic for a consultation!
How Many Sessions are recommended?
During your consultation, we will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal goals. Treatment time and frequency will be customized to address your specific needs so the end result is a slimmer, more toned appearance.
What kind of post procedure care is recommended?
There is no surgery, no anesthesia, no scars, and no downtime. Tone is perfect for patients wanting to turn back the hands of time without disrupting their daily activities. You can return to your regular routine immediately after these treatments.
What can I expect during this treatment?
During your procedure, you can expect the applicators to emit direct electrical muscle stimulation that will induce muscle contractions. You will feel your muscles contract similar to what you would experience during a workout.

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