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Weight Loss Therapy

Medically Supervised Treatments

Losing weight on your own can be challenging. Studies have shown that those who have support and encouragement are more likely to lose weight. Our medically supervised weight loss treatments assist those struggling to lose weight and improve their appearance and overall health and wellness.

Your initial visit includes:

  • a review of medical history
  • a diet and nutrition evaluation
  • identifying weight loss barriers
  • setting attainable goals
  • prescription weight loss options and recommendations
  • education about healthy lifestyle modifications for long-term success

The Ultimate Beauty Spa

The team at Age Management will assist you in your weight loss journey with our comprehensive weight loss coaching. To support sustainable results, medication may be prescribed to help suppress appetite and/or make you feel fuller faster. During regular follow-up visits, our team will track weight loss*, blood pressure, pulse rate, body mass index (BMI), exercise & nutrition, and make any recommendations or adjustments needed to support reaching your goals*.
For some, weight gain can be related to not only nutritional imbalance but hormonal imbalances or genetic factors as well. Age Management by Healthcare Express offers comprehensive lab testing that measures specific readings for current hormone levels, vitamin deficiencies, and more. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (bHRT) and getting hormone levels back in balance can support weight loss goals* and treat a variety of other symptoms our patients may be experiencing due to hormonal imbalance.
Under medical supervision, our weight loss programs offer a safe and easy way to lose weight. We will assist you in your weight loss journey to help you lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. Find out which weight loss treatments are best for you and take control of your life today.*

*Individual results may vary

Weight Loss Pharmacotherapy

Prescription weight loss medications can be a powerful tool to help patients reach their goals. Prescribed medical treatment plans are designed to suit the individual patient based on medical needs, lifestyle, and health history. Call for a consultation today and together we can design a plan designed for your success.

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